The Bombas Gens activities programme has been conceived as a mediation space to exchange and share knowledge and experiences. Conscious that the public does not exist per se but is ephemerally constructed through the activation of proposals, different sensibilities and interests of those publics that visit the Centre will be considered and attended to. Constructing a space that responds to diversity and context is the centre’s principle objective, so that it is in a continuous, living state of transformation and can never be considered finished.

The central point of the activities will be the collection and temporary exhibitions and, using different creative and collaborative methodologies, practices and proposals, the range of artistic practices will be widened, endowing the finished works with additional dimensions of experience and reflection.

Guided visits from complementary disciplines, commented by the authors, walks, performances and live art, cinema and audiovisual presentations, conferences, workshops, seminars, and laboratories are some of the proposals you will find in this area of Bombas Gens.



Bombas Gens Virtual