6th Anniversary: “Let’s dance!”


Date and time: Friday 7 July from 18:00 h to 23:00 h
Organised by: Bombas Gens Centre d’Art
Coordinated by: Florencia Fergnani
Proposal by Carlos Bunga: “Movimiento como fluir del tiempo” in dialogue with Hilary Cartwright.
Dance curator: Moraima Gaetmank

Free activity until full capacity is reached. Aimed at all audiences.

Bombas Gens Centre d’Art celebrates its sixth anniversary with a great event open to all audiences that proposes to celebrate art through dialogue with dance. “Let’s dance!” is a programme developed under the artistic direction of Sandra Guimarães with the dance curatorship of Moraima Gaetmank (dancer and dance/movement therapist, resident between Valencia and Paris) and with the artist Carlos Bunga as guest to activate with a dancer his site-specific work “Inhabiting color”.

With this programme, Bombas Gens proposes to share reflections on art and dance as a force for inclusion, generosity and spontaneity. This proposal is a further step towards affirming the place of dance in the museum space, but also towards questioning it: how can dance surprise visitors outside of convention; how can dance physically engage people and affect the act of seeing; how can this lead to a longer and deeper personal engagement with works of art and an art space; how can this lead to a more prolonged and deeper personal engagement with works of art and an art space.

The programme brings together three top international dancers: England’s Hilary Cartwright (currently based in Vall de Gallinera, Alicante), France’s Allister Madin and New York’s Jenny Sandler. They will be accompanied by Valencian musicians Salvador Bolón and Anna Soriano, as well as Bucharest’s Lelia Iancovici, also based in Valencia. The event will culminate with Dance floor, a moment when the Mediterranean garden of Bombas Gens will become an open dance floor and all attendees will be invited to dance. Let’s dance!





– 18:00 h: Opening

  • 1st session:

– 18:20 h: Hilary Cartwright. Movimiento como fluir del tiempo (“Habitar el color”, Carlos Bunga, Nave 3)

– 18:45 h: Allister Madin. From here to there (“Earth: A Retrospective”, Nave 2)

– 19:15 h: Jenny Sandler. Breath & Gesture (garden)


  • 2nd session:

– 20:00 h: Hilary Cartwright. Movimiento como fluir del tiempo (“Habitar el color”, Carlos Bunga, Nave 3)

– 20:25 h: Allister Madin. From here to there (“Earth: A Retrospective”, Nave 2)

– 20:55 h: Jenny Sandler. Breath & Gesture (garden)

  • 3rd session:

– 21:20 h – 23:00 h – Dance Floor (drinks and DJ in the garden)



Hilary Cartwright

Allister Madin

Jenny Sandler



Salvador Bolón

Anna Soriano

Lelia Iancovici



From here to there

1º act:

Camille Saint-Saëns. The Dying Swan

2º act:

Philip Glass. Double Concerto for Violin and Cello (Duet no.1, 3 & 4) / Einstein on the beach Duet no.1 Duet no.3 / Einstein on the beach – Knee 2 Duet no.4.


Breath & Gesture

1. Claude Debussy. Syrinx

2. Claude Debussy. Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune

3. Maurice Ravel. Flute excerpt Daphnis et Chloé 



Movimiento como fluir del tiempo: courtesy Josephine Fabra y Moraima Gaetmank

Breath & Gesture: courtesy Moraima Gaetmank


“To walk, to slow down, to explore, to feel the painting, leaving aside the rhythms of this accelerated society of fast movements and rapid changes. To create a space of pause and silence where the unconscious and also the contradictory can flow through internal movement. To find the calm that emanates from the non-human that we find in nature. The cracks that make up our fragility where the body can have a prolonged experience through time”.

Carlos Bunga


 Any movement can be considered a dance. The essence of the experience of movement is the sensation of moving and being moved. There are many implications in putting it like this. Ideally, both are present at the same time, and it may be literally just an instant. It is a moment of total awareness, the coming together of what one is doing and what is happening to the self. It cannot be anticipated, explained, specifically worked on, nor repeated exactly. Tonight, this is what you will be experiencing: a dialogue between you, the dancer, the musician, and the artworks and therefore creating a communion where all the forms come together to take you into a journey.

Moraima Gaetmank


Image: Let’s Dance!, 6th anniversary of Bombas Gens. Photo: Tania Castro

With the kind support of Cervezas Alhambra



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