Bombas Artist Talks: Bleda y Rosa. Beyond the document


Framed in the context of the exhibition Sculpting Reality, and starting from their first work Campos de fútbol, the artists Bleda y Rosa propose for this new session of Bombas Artists Talks an exercise of confrontation and analysis between their images and some of the photographic, pictorial or textual records from (or against) which their work has been shaped, remarking the idea that their images belong to a place beyond the document.


Bleda y Rosa have been working together for three decades, exploring, through rigorous and profound reflection, the link between image, place and memory. Campos de fútbol, Campos de batalla, Origen and Prontuario are some of the most relevant photographic series in their career. Through them they have developed their own language, between the visual and the textual, which allows them to return time and again to one of their main focuses of interest: the representation of territory.


Bombas Artist Talks is a new programmatic line of Bombas Gens Centre d’Art that invites contemporary artists represented in the Per Amor a l’Art Collection -either in its exhibitions or its artistic programme- to give lectures, talks or other informal presentations focused on their work. This cycle arises from Bombas Gens Centre d’Art’s mission to deepen the artists’ approach and to promote, through unique encounters, new ideas and discourses from different disciplines and generations.


Image: Bleda y Rosa, Burriana, from the series Campos de Fútbol (1992 – 1995), 1993. Per Amor a l’Art Collection © Bleda y Rosa / VEGAP, Valencia, 2021



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