Image detectives


Dates: December 11 at 11.30am
Duration: 1 hour 30 min.
Recommended age: children from six to ten years old, accompanied by an adult, who will also participate.
Design and implementation: Lola Fabra en col·laboració amb Karol Hincapié
More info: Free until full capacity is reached. Prior registration is required. COVID certificate will be required

*We recommend arriving 15 minutes before the start.

What do the images tell us? Have you ever imagined the story of a photo? What happened before? And just after? We invite you to go on a journey in which we will explore the images following the traces of documentary photography, and we will play to imagine and represent those stories that could have happened.

Karol Hincapié and Lola Fabra develop Image detectives. Following in the traces of documentary photography. Family workshop around the exhibition “Sculpting Reality”. This family workshop in two parts, in which they propose to the children to become detectives, to discover where the clues that they will find along the way will lead them; then, as actresses and actors, they will represent the imagined stories. It will generate an approach to documentary photography from a different and playful perspective.


Karol Hincapié Villegas has a degree in Film and digital communication and has completed a Master’s Degree in Photography UPV, has conducted children’s theater and art direction workshops and is currently an audiovisual producer. She also develops creative work in which she combines photography, collage and embroidery.

Lola Fabra Anton has a degree in Art History, a PhD in Contemporary Art and a Master in Photography UPV. She has worked as a cataloguer of art and photography, as a teacher and is currently a technician of the Master in Photography UPV. She also develops photographic work in the documentary field.


Image credit: Almudena Soullard



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