Workshop with Xavier Le Roy and Scarlet Yu


CATEGORY: Activities / Laboratory with artist
IMPARTED BY: Xavier Le Roy and Scarlet Yu
ORIENTED TO: People interested in the intersection of live arts with exhibition contexts and non-conventional spaces.
DATES AND SCHEDULE: 23rd November from 4 to 8 pm and 24th November from 14 am to 2 pm

In Public: How Situations Choreograph Artworks? How Artworks Choreograph Situations?

Theatre is one of the spaces made to experience art in public. It organises time and space to allow certain kind of exchanges with the public. Other public spaces such as gallery, exhibition hall, concert hall, library, shopping mall, a park or even a corner of a street produce other kind of exchanges. When we create an Artwork for public spaces, it is inevitably being choreographed, shaped by its respective conditions and conventions acting irrevocably on the artwork. In other words, the context might affect the artwork more than expected or desired but the good news is that the chosen apparatus can also be used for its specificities and eventually be transformed.

Concentrating on how works based on human beings performing for others are made public, this workshop invites everyone who is curious to work, think, discuss, perform and explore: How Situations Choreograph Artworks? How Artworks Choreograph Situations?

The workshop uses examples of Le Roy’s and Yu’s artworks made for exhibitions, and other public spaces, we begin by observing and study how the organizations of time and space can be specific to each public sites and how they condition the works and their relationships with the spectators/visitors.

Analyzing and re-enacting elements of works made for exhibition or public spaces such “For the Unfaithful Replica” or “Still Untitled”, we explore the specificities of the modes of performance, the ways to address the public, and the conditions of reception of our performances, for each public situations.

Each participant is involved in interpreting movements, speeches and other actions, and everyone alternatively makes, perform and is the spectators or visitors for each other.  We try eventually to make public something of our tryouts and experiments in the galleries or environments of Bombas Gens Centre d’Art.


FRIDAY 23rd November from 4 to 8 pm

SATUDAY 24th November from 11 am to 2 pm


* This activity is part of the cultural patronage program of the Fundació Per Amor a l’Art

* Activity in collaboration with La Mutant


Xavier Le Roy. A doctor in Molecular Biology, since 1991 Le Roy works as a dancer and choreographer. His practice is predicated on collaborative production and working methods, exploring the relationship between spectators and performers, and other dichotomies (public/private, machine/human, animal/vegetal, etc.) in works such as E.X.T.E.N.S.I.O.N.S. (1999-2000) or Low Pieces (2009-2011). In parallel, since 1994 he has been developing solo pieces like Self Unfinished (1998), opening new perspectives and discourses engaging with the body and dance.




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