Re-Collections Archive Lab: Speculative Explorations of the Collection.


Organized by: Bombas Gens Centre d’Art, El Ultimo Grito, HEAD Genève and UPV
Category: Workshops
Date: 2022/2023
Language: Spanish
Aimed at: students of the UPV Fine Arts Degree

The connection between the past and the present is broken in the exhibition “Earth: A Retrospective” –curated by El Ultimo Grito–: the only thing left is a series of photographs from which to reimaging, workout, reconstruct a past. Positioned between a detective and a dreamer’s world, we need to discern that contained within the images by reconstructing those objects and contexts never experienced before. If the ways in which we make sense of the world are based on our personal experience and memory… How do we workout any context, any behaviour, any object when we are not familiar with what is depicted?

With the purpose of generating a creative space for reflection between the public, art students and professionals, El Ultimo Grito has proposed the workshop “Re-Collections Archive Lab: Speculative Explorations of the Collection” with the aim of producing an archive of objects that will be part of the exhibition’s body of works, to give an objectual reading to these pieces.

Initiated with the collaboration of the students of the Master in Design – Space and Communication: Contemporary Design Practices of HEAD – Genève –under the direction and guidance of El Ultimo Grito and HEAD’S academic input: Arno Mathies and the technical support of Romain Chappet–, this workshop is based on the research of a selection of photographs from the Per Amor a l’Art Collection, CAD (computer aided design) and 3D printing technology. HEAD students produced a series of objects: materialisations, interpretations and translations of what is depicted in the images with the intention of re-imagining and speculating with their absent third dimension.

This archive of objects will continue to expand with the collaboration of the students of Sculpture II of the UPV Fine Arts Degree, who, under the direction of professor Laura Silvestre García (UPV), will produce a series of new objects based on the Per Amor a l’Art Collection that will become part of the Re-Collections Archive as part of the activity “Rethinking the exhibition EARTH: A RETROSPECTIVE in an objectual key”.




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