Thomas Hirschhorn, “V.C.R.T.”. Artist’s Book launch + public conversation between Thomas Hirschhorn and Sandra Guimarães


CATEGORY: Publication launching (public conversation followed by music in the garden)
AIMED AT: All audiences
DATE: Friday 13 May, 17.30h-19.30h
LANGUAGE: English and Spanish
MORE INFO: Free until full capacity is reached. Registration is required (you will receive a confirmation email)


Thomas Hirschhorn is considered one of the most singular and formally engaged artists of our time. His artist’s book “V.C.R.T.” is a logbook that compiles writings from the start of his career up to the present, tracking the development of his thinking. “V.C.R.T.” offers an intimate and unique perspective of Hirschhorn’s artistic practice, bringing to light his process, his personal commitments and his political, philosophical and art historical references. Therefore, it provides an exceptional source of research on Thomas Hirschhorn’s position, appropriate for both, specialists and general readers.

This publication is an accumulation of writings, drawings, letters, emails and notes, which have accompanied Thomas Hirschhorn’s work in parallel since the beginning. This form of expression has been a pivotal tool throughout his career. Tracing the past 32 years (1989-2021), this artist’s book reveals initial sketches of his projects, private correspondence and critical analysis around his own artworks or exhibitions. All the selected content in “V.C.R.T.” was never yet published in its original language and its original form. In addition, a selection of 24 pages of this book has been translated into Spanish for the first time.

“V.C.R.T.” is an original concept initiated by Sandra Guimarães, artistic director of Bombas Gens Centre d’Art (València, Spain) and published in co-edition with La Fábrica (Madrid, Spain). With this publication, Bombas Gens starts a new line of research consisting in the production of experimental artist’s books. This programme follows the art centre’s mission to place artists at the core by researching and producing knowledge and compelling experiences.

The launching will be celebrated with a public conversation between Thomas Hirschhorn and Sandra Guimarães, followed by music of Banda Musical de Benicalap in the garden. This event –open to everyone and free of charge— will encourage reflection on artist’s books as a means of expressive, aesthetic and conceptual experimentation.


In the words of Thomas Hirschhorn, “These pages —like a logbook [‘journal de bord’]— follow my questions, my research, my assertions. They mark and testify my trajectory in the field of art in its questions, its requirements and its problems. As they were produced, I collected these pages, mostly on A4 paper, in clear plastic folders —which I named ‘V.C.R.T.’, which is the abbreviation of Violent Crime Response Team. […] By bringing together in a publication these scattered sheets, I want to affirm my mission and my passion as an artist, which is: How to take a Position? How to give Shape to this Position? How can this Form be a universal Form? And how can this universal Form touch the other at eye level and beyond cultural, political, economic and aesthetic habits?”



Pages: 400

Language: Spanish, English, German, French

Dimensions: 21 x 29.7 cm

Imprint: Bombas Gens Centre d’Art – Editorial La Fábrica

Published: 2022

ISBN: 978 84 17769 97 0

Price: 38€ (This publication can be purchased at Bombas Gens Centre d’Art or writing to


Thomas Hirschhorn’s web

Ph: César Cantó

The launch of V.C.R.T. has been made possible thanks to the support of the Institut Français and the Swiss Consulate in Barcelona.





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