Bombas Gens shows Nicolás Ortigosa’s Divine Comedy

The Fundació Per Amor a l’Art (FPAA) has presented to the media the latest exhibition held at Bombas Gens: Nicolás Ortigosa. Works 2002-2018. The show, curated by Nuria Enguita and Vicent Todolí, entails an important patronage scheme and a clear commitment by FPAA for the benefit of artists still little known among the general public. Its vice-president, Susana Lloret, affirmed this morning: “For an artist it is even more important that his work is been shown than bought. We, as collectors, have never wanted to acquire works of art to have them stored in a warehouse. The work of patronage that we carry out also entails putting the focus on the artist and his work. And an exhibition is the real way to give visibility and share their work. We could say, in fact, that Bombas Gens was basically born with that mission.”


This project is part of the series that belongs to the Per Amor a l’Art, Divina Comedy Collection (2005-2014): an interpretation of Dante Alighieri’s oeuvre, also divided into three parts: Hell, Purgatory and Heaven. The series consists of 89 drawings and engravings of different techniques. It reflects on the mental images that Ortigosa (Logroño, 1983) as a result of the reading Alighieri’s work. In words of Vicent Todolí, director of the FPAA’s Art Department and consultant of the collection, in relation to his first contact with the series: “I thought it was a work with a lot of personality, very free, without immediate references and that started from a classical theme to take it to new courses. He made it modern without pretending it. I was also struck by the diversity of techniques he used, his particular way of working with collage … It had to be incorporated into the collection. And it was acquired in its entirety, following the philosophy that ours is a collection of exhibitions. ”


Selection of drawings and engravings

The exhibition showcases other representative works of the artist, including more recent drawings and engravings. These works, varying in sizes, were made between 2015 and 2018. “The drawing and the treatment of the lines, marked by a gesture full of energy, are fundamental in the work of Ortigosa and that is why we wanted to include these pieces in the exhibition. They offer us a more global vision of the artist who, in this case, without any literary support, develops a pictorial work linked to a modern plastic tradition based on the expressionism of the line “, explained Nuria Enguita, director of Bombas Gens Center d’Art .


Cuadros Tapados (Covered Paintings) series

A selection of the Cuadros Tapados paintings series (2002-2018) is also showcased. The artist made the decision to cover with black oil all his production on canvas – hence the name of the series – made since 2002: a total of 115 works that Ortigosa has thus turned into a single work, transforming it into an interesting game of hidden-and-revealed, allowing the viewer to intuit the strokes of the previous painting under the new surface. It is shown for the first time to an audience in Bombas Gens.


“For me it is a privilege that the Fundació per Amor a l’Art has given me the opportunity to exhibit at Bombas Gens. I think it is the perfect space to show my work. Furthermore, I have felt very accompanied by the whole team of the foundation throughtout the process. I can not be happier,” said the artist.


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