Inma Femenía produced specifically an exhibition for Bombas Gens

The Fundació Per Amor a l’Art (FPAA) will present this Saturday, at Bombas Gens Art Centre, the exhibition ‘Infrathin’ by Inma Femenía, co-curated by Nuria Enguita and Julia Castelló. An exhibition whose inauguration was cut short by the health crisis, and which is now being resumed with all the security measures and the presence of the artist.

The exhibition is the first commission supported by the foundation and produced specifically for Bombas Gens, thus taking FPAA one-step further in its cultural patronage programme. This is how its vice president, Susana Lloret, explained it: “for the foundation the artist comes first, and what the artist needs is mainly support to produce her work, a space to develop it and the possibility of exhibiting it later. In this exhibition we have brought together these three elements and now we present the result: the work that Inma Femenía has created by and for this space. It is not our first site-specific work though; the first was by Cristina Iglesias and it is located in the garden, however it is the first site-specific exhibition. An exhibition that shows our commitment and our work to support the artists in the collection.”

This ad hoc exhibition has been developed based on three works by the artist that already belonged to the Per Amor a l’Art collection. According to her advisor, Vicent Todolí: “Inma Femenía is the youngest artist in the collection, but she has been given the same treatment as the oldest. We are both interested in disseminating the work of established authors and promoting the career of young people with great potential. This is the case of Femenía: at first four pieces were acquired, we were following her evolution and then we saw that it had the entity to dedicate an exhibition to it. It is our usual procedure.”

The result is ‘Infrathin’: an exhibition that captures Inma Femenía’s interest in the pixelated image, the light from the screens and the effects of colour on the materials, and which takes its title from a concept developed by the artist Marcel Duchamp. According to Nuria Enguita: “Infrathin refers to those strange but everyday moments in life that often escape our perception and where the true essence of art would be found: a drawing made on the mist of a glass, a spider’s web, the projection of a shadow… We poetically adopt this concept to refer to Inma Femenía’s research on the materiality of the digital and the role of light, present both in the nature of the works and in the natural-artificial light game proposed in the exhibition space.”

A role shared with the viewer, whom the artist considers of paramount importance in her work: “I seek to arouse concern in the audience and make them reflect through perception and their previous conventions on the materials I use. In the production of the works, I try to take into account these different ways of looking, precisely because I am interested in inviting the viewer to be part of them through their paths and movements.”

A third interlocutor is also added to the work-spectator dialogue: space. “There is a whole stream of young artists influenced by the screen, by that common imagery that arises from the online world… artists who seek to bring to the physical terrain all that virtual imaginary, and often that materiality requires a dialogue with the space in which it is shown. This is the case of the work of Femenía, whose pieces and installations are directly related to the warehouses in the centre,” said Julia Castelló.

The exhibition will run until January 17, 2021, and in this first stage it can be visited on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 5 to 9 pm. At the moment on site activities related to the exhibition are postponed, although #BombasGensVirtual will continue providing online content on the website and social media.







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